Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Chrysolis in Romania

Chrysolis is excited to announce it will be beginning work in Romania this September.

The work will initially be in partnership with OSCER and Alege Viata, the two main ministries working on university campuses in the country.

Alege Viata is the Romanian affiliate of Campus Crusade for Christ, while OSCER is the Romanian sister movement of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and UCCF.

The coming academic year will see Chrysolis collaborate on various projects in the country.

The first of these occur in September, when Chrysolis director Luke Cawley will be involved with  conferences organized by each of our partner organizations.

Luke (pictured left, speaking on the campus of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iaşi, Romania) will spend these conferences doing some teaching and also beginning to build stronger relationships with the two groups.

Then, in early 2014, Chrysolis will work closely with OSCER to help them run intensive series of events at universities in at least two different Romanian cities. 

These events will be designed to draw in and engage people who wouldn't normally consider Jesus when working through the big questions of life.

It is hoped that these events weeks to become a permanent fixture on the landscape of the Romanian university world.

Also in 2014, Chrysolis plans to begin training around twenty Romanians to help develop them into more effective and persuasive communicators of the Jesus story.

This training program - known as Chrysolis Academy - will combine classroom-based teaching, exposing participants to good models, and also intensive personal mentoring.

The initial participants of Chrysolis Academy will be staff and volunteers from both OSCER and Alege Viata. 

Luke Cawley described the openings in Romania as "very exciting" and added that "one of the inspirations behind the formation of Chrysolis was a desire to more effectively engage Romanian university students in conversations about Jesus."

"We are delighted that we will be working so closely with OSCER and Alege Viata, two Romanian-led movements which make the university campus central to their mission."

If you'd like to hear more about the work of
Chrysolis in Romania, or if you'd like to get
involved for yourself, drop Luke an email at

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